A New Path

Cyber Connection began in 2013 as a website design and development company. Our goal was to provide quality and affordable websites for small businesses in Wisconsin. Although we can and did do custom designs for some clients, we believed we could save our clients money by offering them Wordpress websites. We had access to over 70 themes that we could modify for the customer's needs and we were able to keep costs down and pass those savings on to our clients.

That went well for a while, but because Wordpress sites are popular, they are also vunerable to hackers. Oh there are things you can do and plugins you can install to combat hackers, but the website(s) could still be vunerable. After it was discovered that more than 70% of Wordpress sites get hacked at a given time, we pulled back for a while. We didn't pursue any new clients and worked on maintaining the current clients we had. We decided to build our own content management system, similar to Wordpress but more secure and customized to ours and our clients needs. What you see today is the beginning of that venture.

Our plan is to create our own themes that clients can choose from. Our clients will be able to login to their website much like a Wordpress site and make changes to their site, or we can make the changes for them for a hourly fee.

Other Opportunities

We have also decided to expand the services of the company beyond website development to include iPhone apps and an Online Project Management tool where your business can keep track of projects and tasks in a way that will save your company time and money. Both of these to be implemented at a date in the near future.

Please keep checking back as we build this wonderful tool to better assist our current and future clients to see our progress and look for the day when we will be fully operational again...real soon.