Do I Need A Website?

by Timothy Madison


This is a question asked often by small business owners. The short answer is yes, every business needs a website. The long answer details the why, and I'll get into that here.

We all know it. We live in an age of technology. Not only do most people have their own computer, but they also have hand held computers called cell phones and tablets that have more power and are many times more advanced than the personal computers some of us had just 10 years ago. Computers are in every aspect of our lives, and businesses can't afford to not have a presence online.

Every day, people use their computers, tablets, and cell phones to help chart out their day. From using the GPS map on their smart phone to navigate a trip, to choosing a restaurant for dinner. We get updates on our email by the minute, and certain apps send us notifications of coupons for our favorite clothing store and more. So where does your business fit in to all this? Most people today won't try a new business without first looking it up online. If your competitors have a nice informational website and all you have is a listing on they're going to pass you by. In short, if you don't have a website your competition will leave you behind

But websites cost a lot of money you say. Yes, depending on what you're looking for in a website you could end up spending a lot of money on one. That's because you need experts who know how to construct and market your website so that people can find your business. But think about how much money you spend in advertising and what you're getting for it. Your website would be both online advertising and the virtual front of your business.

Website prices vary by company. Just remember the old saying - you get what you pay for. People/companies offering websites for under $100 value themselves and their work very very low. Don't get drawn into those companies that promise a website very cheaply because all they care about is fast money. On the other hand, unless you want an in-depth ecommerce website, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a website either. There is a middle ground, perfect for small local businesses, and Cyber Connection can help you with that. Email us at for details.